Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been out of place for a bit, but I am hopeful that you'll appreciate this delayed post.  It's a tribute to Zoe, a little blind cat I never knew personally.  I became intrigued with the account of Zoe's life and her influence on so many people.  People wrote openly about their connection with Zoe; she radiated unconditional love to everyone.  As the old saying goes, "She stole everyone's heart."  Only this time it wasn't a cliche.

If you're ready to have Zoe and her human family tug at your heart strings, have a look at  the sites highlighting the magical Zoe.  You'll be treated to pics of the little girl and you'll come to feel that you knew her too!  Here's a hint about the devotion she inspired in her people.....Olga flew 2000 miles to say goodbye to her beloved friend.

Here are the three sites that feature tributes and accounts about the ONE AND ONLY Zoe. I'll be real and tell you I felt heartbroken and bereft when I read about her transition on January 25th, 2010.  But I would not have missed the chance to celebrate her life, so I want to share this little girl with you.

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I would love to read your comments, after you have time to connect with the spirit of Zoe.

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