Monday, January 18, 2010

Now I'm A Three- Legged Cat

Of course I'm not actually a three-legged cat; I 'm a biped person myself.  But I am just enchanted with a beautiful tripod named Bella!  This gorgeous long-haired calico girl had to have one of her back legs amputated in November 2009. 

If you're interested in seeing how the beautiful Bella is adjusting, you've gotta go to http://NowI' for pics of  her in action.  There's even a video, so you can see some of the physical and emotional adjustments Bella is going through in the first months since her surgery.

The blog posts give you insight into the stress to Bella's human family, as they try to rehabilitate their newly handicapped pet.  Bella is making a good adjustment to her disability, but challenges are a reality.

Go check out Bella and her family.  You'll be glad you did....

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