Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Connie Ragen Green's 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Seems it's already 5 days into the 30 day challenge.  I just joined & it looks like Connie throws a good party!  The first e-mail that came after I enrolled reminded me to decide about my particular niche.  Therein lies the rub, as the saying goes....You're supposed to blog about what you know, have experience with or are passionate about.

I'm passionate about being mindful in the Present Moment.  Now that's not to say that I always do it, rather that I aspire to live in the present.  For me that looks rather like a cornucopia of good stuff. 

It looks like respectful connection between people and animals.  It looks like being engaged with energy and universal laws.  It looks like being amazed every day.  It looks like being crazy eager to learn about what's going on with the other people, cultures and environments that make up our planet.  It looks like the sense of awe and wonder that  glows in a child's face.  It looks like the Altoids ad that declares, "Isn't it curious?"

Now that I've said all that, I'd appreciate some help.  I have been dithering about a niche for way too long.  I'm wondering if anyone resonates with what I've posted or am I just talking a load of rubbish to myself?


KokoroPurrs said...

I'm "listening" - you have some intesting thoughts. You kitty is gorgeous and bunny is well, what can I say? CUTE! :3

Kat Tansey said...


I did Connie's 30 day challenge last year. You can see my struggle beginning here:

I see so many of us struggle with becoming regular bloggers. In my experience, the combination of pushing myself a little, allowing my own spirit to come through slowly, and waiting sometimes for something to bubble up before I write is what works for me.

Blogging is a process, not an act. It is the process of being human, of seeking, of sharing, of spilling out our hearts and minds on our little blogger pages. Often it is more for us than others, and in fact, I think my writing is more interesting to others when I am not thinking about how to make it so.

As an author, I work and rework pieces to get the story right, the plot, the characters, the setting, all of that.

But blogging -- well I usually just open up and let 'er rip. Maybe it is like doing scales on the piano, a way of warming up -- or maybe it is a way of just letting my soul sing the way it wants to, not the way I want it to.

Hope this is helpful. Your pieces about the cats move me, because I am such a cat lover, but also because you have a way of capturing the spirit of these wonderful animals. But you may want to write about yourself, your process, your life sometimes too. Whatever you choose will be purrfect:)