Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Belated Valentine's Day

Yes, I know I missed Valentine's Day.  I have been thinking about what Valentine's Day might mean to us.  I know that the traditional day is about expressing love to partners, kids, parents and even extended friends and family.

I got to thinking "What if our vision of Valentine's Day just got bigger?"  I'm not suggesting that there's anything wrong with the way we observe it now.  I'm just wondering how it would play out, if we extended our "valentine consciousness" to a bigger playing field?

Are we up for having enough love to go around, way beyond the borders of our families?  Somehow I see us as capable of pushing those boundaries.  Maybe "We are the World" just put me in that frame of mind, I don't know.

I'd love some feedback about
Valentine's  Day! 

Whatever that means to you right now.  Whatever it could mean to you, with a little stretch of your imagination.